We create things that matter. We connect you with the things you truly miss. We make complicated-simple.
Our mission is to help you wherever you are in the world

and it’s all aimed at one big, crazy, ambitious goal…

Making your online world a safer place for you and your family

Reconnecting loved ones. with the things they miss and truly love from back home

Reaching 1 million homes by 2017.


How it Started


“We were once stuck in the corporate world spending most of our time traveling away from our friends and families – it was difficult.

Our parents had also emigrated from the UK and they also missed their home comforts.”


Founded by Dean Kewley and Mark Byrne, Utilis Technologies grew from its roots as a tech company with a difference, to build a series of successful businesses that can really change lives.

With design, marketing, technology and entrepreneurship as their core interests.

It’s been a fun, crazy ride so far…


“In everything we do we always use the KISS principle ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity is our key goal and unnecessary complicated tech is avoided.”


Why we do what we do?

We believe that absence can definitely make your heart grow fonder.

We believe in a Safe and Secure Open Internet Experience for Everyone, Everywhere…

We believe in ‘re-connecting’ you with some of the things that you miss and love the most from home.

How do we do this?

We take ‘complicated stuff’ & make it easy to understand… without any tech or jargon.

We make everything easy to obtain and even easier for you to use.

We are always here for you and on hand to help whenever you need it! Reliability is our middle name! Seriously…we changed it by deed poll!

We offer you a ‘fantastic’ service that is not only outstanding value but also very affordable.

What do we ‘actually’ do again?

We provide you with a Safe and Secure online access to all your favourite UK & US TV programmes.

We give you access to TV shows that are available in the UK & US but are not available abroad.

We provide you 100% internet security for you and your family with products such as TurboTV-DNS and